Friday 25th November 2016

The train slowly ground to a halt. It had arrived in Maastricht where it was slightly warmer than Amsterdam. I was glad to be back in my second home and also to stretch my legs, it takes three and a half hours to get there from Amsterdam, a long time but I don’t mind as it gives me a chance to update this very blog you find yourselves reading.

The sun was shining and Maastricht was looking beautiful. I had time to kill before i met up with my friends so decided on a stroll along the waterfront. The Christmas decorations were up already, much like the UK and people were busy in and out of shops and I marvelled in such a fine day.

I met with the other members of our group to sink beer, chat about all things football, the world and life. The beer was flowing as fast as the conversation and before I knew it I had about 10 beers which is a pretty standard pre match ritual each time I visit Maastricht.

A Friday night game under the lights is always special and tonight it was the visit of Den Bosch. With MVV riding high at the top of the league (for once!) some anticipated that the crowd figure would be close to 6000, which is about 2000 more than normal. MVV are considered a sleeping giant of the second tier of Dutch football, when the team are playing really well the city turns out in force.

MVV have been in the second tier for too long, since relegation in 1998 so it’s been a long painful haul. The supporters are now used to defeats over the years so now that the team are playing well there was a different expectancy about this game. NAO VEURE in local dialect means NO FEAR and tonight the feeling was different from previous times. No longer were we fearful of teams, everyone was in a confident mood. We won 3-0 in the end and very comfortable it was too. Everyone is now starting to believe that this year may just be the one where we climb out of this league and into the big time.

The party afterwards continued in it’s usual mad way with the nightclub under the stand going full pelt for 2 hours after the match. It was then onto another party until well into the small hours.







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