Blairgowrie – Brechin Victoria (6-2)

Stadium: Davie Park, Blairgowrie

Saturday 14th May 2016


It was a choice of Kirriemuir, Coupar Angus or Blairgowrie for me today. Having been to all three grounds before, it was going to be a stadium revisit regardless what one I chose. I opted for Blairgowrie as it has an old stand which I have always admired and the chances of a programme were higher than the other two.

The sun was bursting through the clouds as my tyres rolled into the dusty car park. The last time I was at Davie Park was in 2006 when St Andrews Utd were the visitors and it’s quant countryside setting makes it a hidden jewel in the junior leagues. The ground is surrounded by fields and parkland which makes for a peaceful rural setting with a few of the rolling hills in the distance.

The old stand which was built on the summer of 1949, and opened on the 23rd August of the same year, is now merely just a shell of what it once was. The wooden seats having been removed in the aftermath of the Bradford City Fire Disaster in 1985. However, the modest structure still provides shelter in winter from the pretty much open ground. There is a small pavilion opposite which houses the dressing rooms but both ends are open to the elements.


The club had always in the past been plagued with rabbits, causing dangerous holes to appear, but in the summer of 2015 the club commissioned the construction of an underground rabbit-proof fence that runs around the perimeter of the ground. Help was given to the club in the form of a grant from The Scottish Football Partnership.

Sadly no programme was issued today but I did get my hands on a few older back issues and chatted for a long time with the committee Derek who filled me in with what has been going on at the club recently.

So, no rabbits but the only holes I saw, were in the visitors back line. Blairgowrie scored six but missed at least another six so it could have been double figures…what a game I picked….8 goals and some cracking long range finishes from the Blair forwards who pounded Brechin Vics defence with every attack. A cracking advert for Scottish Junior Football.





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