Saturday 23rd April 2016

All Boys I said to myself over and over again trying to make some sense if it…no still can’t understand why but nevertheless this was my choice for the day and again thanks to a very efficient train and metro system in Buenos Aires I was able to reach the ground without any hitch. A 25 minute walk through a slightly well affluent Floresta neighborhood felt safe and as I turned the final corer I was delighted to see the stadium decked out in club colours of black and white.2016-05-12-22-51-30


It had a real community feel to it much different from the previous games I had been too. All the boys had All Boys tops on including many women too, a refreshing change I thought. The name of the stadium, Islas Malvinas stadium, celebrates the Argentine claims of sovereignty over the Falklands Islands. In Spanish the name Islas Malvinas translates to Falkland Islands.

Keeping my mouth shut I searched for a ticket office but my attention wavered to the small souvenir shop where I duly purchased a pin badge. Approaching kick off it was very busy with people hanging about either waiting on friends or eating choripon’s from the street vendors.


My ticket was cheap…about £8. I scurried to the entrada and having failed trying to explain to the steward not to rip my ticket, I was greeted by an old skool stadium. Steep open terraces on all four sides in black and white gave it a colourful feel. Behind me I could hear the band outside in the street and when they appeared inside there was a round of applause from all present.

The game was about as dull as a wet weekend in Bognor Regis and it finished 0-1. I had to exit quickly at the final whistle as I needed to find a taxi to get me to San Lorenzo as the derby against Huracan was next on the agenda.






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