Capelle – Excelsior Maasluis

Capelle – Excelsior Maasluis (P-P)

Stadium: Sportpark ‘t Slot

Saturday 16th January 2016

I do believe this is the first time it has ever happened where i turn up at a game and it has been cancelled without me knowing. I had plans to stay with a friend in Rotterdam and opted for this Topklasse match with the venue being a suburb of the city.

plenty of trees but no footballs

I arrived on foot after a short train journey from Rotterdam Central and upon approaching the stadium it was only then apparent that there was no game. It was scheduled for a 2pm kick off and it was 1pm when i arrived but realised the car park was empty and no sign of anyone about. Quickly checking twitter it revealed the game was off and Capelle had arranged a friendly match away to Zwijndrecht which is close to Dordrecht, a direction i had just come from.

similar tribune to BSV Limburgia

Ironically the sun was shining and it was reasonably warm but there was no other matches within the area that i could make kick off for so i choose to just meet up with my friend who was organising an evening pouring alcohol down our throats, not a bad alternative i thought!

a hedge just like Brechin City

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