MVV Maastricht- Helmond Sport

MVV Maastricht – Helmond Sport (1:4)

Stadium: De Geusselt

Friday 15th January 2016

Following an under performing foreign team always carries a small amount of perverse optimism. Some you win and some you loose, expect the unexpected but it’s the coming together of friends that allows for a repeatable exercise.

We call them ‘verkeskop’, the translation is Pigs Head. It refers to an incident many years ago where a Pigs Head was placed on the doorway of the mayor of Helmond, who denied access to the stadium for fans from Maastricht, he believed would be intent on trouble. The long standing jibe has continued and the name VERKESKOP has now been inducted into several songs.

This was my third MVV game of the season, it was another typical Friday night escape full of drinkng copulus amounts of beer, poking fun at the visitors and generally having fun. That ‘fun’ was dampened slightly when the full time whistle sounded but as in usual fashion, it kind of is customary to forget about football and sink more beer. Naturally, not wanting to stand out like a tourist, i joined in. I had to be careful though as i was to be up reasonably early in the morning for my train to Rotterdam….as this was the start of a 4 game long weekend.



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