AC Milan – Bologna

AC Milan – Bolgna (0:1)

Stadium: Giuseppe Meazza

Wednesday 6th January 2016

I woke up late with a cracking headache, checked the time and knew i had missed my intended train to Milan, a great start i thought. I hurriedly showered, dressed and left for the train station which was thankfully only 5 minutes away. I was starting to feel rough as well as rushed and knew i needed to get to Milan pronto. To my dismay i had just missed the express train so had to wait another hour until the next one which would get me to Milan just 40 minutes before kick off. Another day of rushing! Will i bother? did cross my mind swiftly followed by fuck it …this is groundhopping.

A dizzy spell was abruptly ended by a sobering trip to the ticket office such is the disadvantage of not booking in advance. A bite to eat then a cold wait on an deserted platform at Genoa Brignole got me thinking about my next European adventure which was only 1 week away. Another weekend in Holland awaited and whilst wondering if my ticket for Feyenoord had arrived.

watching that little hand…zzzzzz

For once the long distance rumble was not of my stomach but of the approaching train, i got on and found a seat. Sweating with the amount of alcohol seeing from my pores i sat down and took a gulp of water. Forty winks seemed a good idea. I drifted off knowing that the last stop was Milan and this was my security blanket.

I was not overly impressed by Milan, maybe a slightly uneducated view i guess as all i had seen was the Central Stadion and the San Siro metro. I got the impression it was ‘just another city’. However i battled my way through the to the San Siro metro stop and made my way up the steps to the street. At the top i was greeted by a huge monolithic spaceship of a stadium. I was certainly impressed albeit a little overpowered by the mass of concrete. A quick dart to the ticket office as it was now only 20 minutes to kick off. I secured my ticket and jumped the queue to the front. Made my way up the spaceships feet and entered the arena. I was high up on the Curva Nord which was quite busy compared to the rest of the empty stadium. Bologna had brought quite a few, maybe 1000, which to me was a decent effort. Who says away fans don’t travel in Italy?

spaceship ready for take off?

I was amazed to find the time, still 5 minutes to kick off so i opted for a beer as my hangover from the previous night had somewhat decreased. Time for a top up? Why not Sir! What was all the rush about i thought as i made it to my seat and waited for the kick off with beer in hand.

a merry band of Bolgna fans in the top tier

Milan were in a sticky phase of the season, a number of uninspiring performances had led to calls for the managers head. This game was not of the highest quality, Milan certainly had plenty of chances to score but poor finishing let them down. Bologna huffed and puffed and were content on playing counter attacking football so much so, 20 minutes from the end, this is how the match winner arrived. It was greeted by whistles from the Milan fans who were not happy and at full time voiced their displeasure by shouting insults and whistling loudly at the players who came over to the Curva Nord.

poor crowd

My journey home was long and tiring and i hurried into my hotel, back in Genoa, for an early night. Home in the morning so no tom foolery, a decent nights slepp is what i needed. A heady mix of alcohol, football and travelling….a groundhoppers life can be a tiring one!

whistles from the Curva Nord
pretty at night

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